Thursday, June 4, 2009

Who.. Why.. When...?

On a recent trip beyond the eastern panhandle to southern West Virginia I came upon three common animals. In their own way they forced me to question.

A young buck, what does he know of malice and fear, these have to be taught.
He would be safer if he feared cars and humans.
I could teach him this fear by honking the horn and chasing him off but I am too selfish this day, enjoying the pleasure of his innocence.
He will learn soon enough.

There is no Boy Scout to help this old turtle cross the street.
Who’s going to help?

The eggs are perfectly arranged and all looks well, doesn’t it?

Then why am I still here?
I’ve been asked by the mother to leave.

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Trillium said...

I like! Very effective, the beautiful simple photos and your questions. Poetic.