Wednesday, July 22, 2009

That one leaf

You’ve seen it.
I’m sure you have –
that one leaf.
On a hot day in July,
when a cool breeze barely blows and
that one leaf flutters all about.
It’s neighbors standing back, just a little, looking on.
Is it shaking in fear, afraid of the unexpected wind?
Or is it trying to break loose – to run wild?
I don’t think that is it.
I believe it is like a child, playing in the sprinkler,
jumping all about,
celebrating the day,
the wind and the moment.

1 comment:

Trillium said...

Love this! I was just noticing that effect yesterday. One leaf was twirling, pirouetting in a dance. You have a special talent of giving voice to those small quickly forgotten details one wonders about fleetingly. The thought itself is like that twirling leaf, and so is your poem.