Saturday, September 19, 2009

Single Strand

Sitting on my deck with my morning tea I have noticed a single silk strand stretching from the suet feeder to the marigold, a single reinforced spider hire wire. The Areaneus orb weaver let out a thin thread of silk that was caught up in the breeze. It was chance that it landed onto the flower. She then tested its strength and walked across, reinforcing it along the way. Next she made an orb web using her spinnerets to select the right silk for the job. Once finished she is ready for the catch of the day. In the morning she gobbles up the web, recycling the silk and leaves the support strand in place. Seeing it makes me wonder what my silk strand is. Family? Friends? Place? My dog McCoy? Community? I continually walk along the strand reinforcing the connection with them. It is strong and resilient.

The spider in the photos is a Micrathena gracilis, Spined Micrathena that I found that afternoon in my yard. It is also an orb weaver. I tried to take a photo of the single strand on the deck made by the Araneus orb weaver but was unable to do so because I couldn't get it in focus.


Carletta said...

Great shots!
I'm allergic to spiders and tend to stay away. Your images are close enough for me.

Hope you're having a great day in your part of Almost Heaven. :)

Carletta’s Captures.

tara said...

Wow, excellently captured. Great blog here.

eileeninmd said...

Wow, I've never seen a spider like that. Great captures, thanks for sharing your critter for the day.

Wanda..... said...

I didn't know they recycled the silk...I wish I could watch a large web being made...I was just speaking of this with my husband recently.

magiceye said...

amazing captures!

Wil said...

Beautiful images. These are of an Gasteracantha orb weaver. The Araneus orb weavers are rounded and soft bodied.
Probably Micrathena gracilis. I had the distinct joy of watching and videoing one of these industrious spiders spinning her web one morning along the C&O canal. What a marvel of engineering.
Great blog!

Quilt Works said...

Good eye! isn't it the most rewarding thing to find interesting / beautiful things that i just next to us... and nooone but us noticed?

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