Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Frozen Puddles

Walking along the fire road through the woods I begin to take notice of the frozen puddles and the patterns formed by the frozen ice. I was curious how those contour looking lines were formed. When I returned home I did some research and found that water freezes at 32 degrees. When the water gets colder the molecules slow down and stick to each other and form ice crystals. They also begin to move apart causing the ice to expand as much as 9%. I was also reminded that ice “feels cold” because it has lost energy as heat and that ice floats. The floating part is especially good news to fish and frogs in the water that might otherwise be crushed.

These are all things I learned in grade school but it is good to be reminded of the wonders of the universe every now and then. But I still didn’t find out how those circles came about. I have my own theories but not the facts.

I resolved that it is OK. I don’t need to know everything about ice to take pleasure in these sculpted frozen puddles. Besides it’s just plain fun to stomp on them and hear that “crack” as the ice breaks under your feet, to be a kid again. You might say I was cracking my way down the road. So go ahead, stomp on those frozen puddles, no one will notice that you are doing it deliberately... unless they see your smile.

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J Bar said...

Interesting effect.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Chie Wilks said...

great shots...it must really be chilly or freezy in there

mine is here

Misalyn said...

Nice post Judy and i love the compisition.It amazes that our photos makes us read further before posting them.

Guy D said...

Wonderful photos, ice shots can be very enjoyable to take.

All the best :)
Regina In Pictures

Joops said...

It looks amazing.

My watery wednesday

Martha Z said...

I'm always trying to find shots like this, I admire them so, but we don't get freezing temps long enough here.

Gaelyn said...

I'll bet you splash in mud puddles too. ;-)

eileeninmd said...

Great shots, I can picture you stomping on that ice.

Lorac said...

Don't you love this time of year? Frozen puddles and all!

Carolyn H said...

I remembered that ice floats. In the spring, though, I think it sinks into the warmer water. Anyway, the photos are cool!

Carolyn H.

NatureFootstep said...

did you break the ice? I always do, love it :)

Pat said...

There goes Mother Nature being an artist again! LOL!

kate said...

Stomping on frozen puddles really is fun. nothing wrong with pretending to be a kid every once in a while! Although with a windchill up here of -9 today I wouldn't mind some summer rain for some good puddle sloshing! :) -kate

joy said...

G'day Squirrel,
Tis always a joy to join one of your jaunts...preferably in person but 'virtual' outings are good too.
Interesting...informative.... Am taken w/ your photos & 'phactoids' about ice puddles and roses. The photo of the roses looks almost as much like crystals as those of the puddles.
Just discovered the 'rose hips' on the multiflora. At first glance they look kinda scrawny & shriveled but I recently saw a 'hand-did' Christmas evergreen wreath decorated only w/ springs of these tiny berries and it was gorgeous - delicate and sweet.
Appreciate the 'depth and width' of your blog including the progress of the mushrooms which look a bit bedraggled at this point. What (or who) wouldn't be after spending even a couple of days tacked to a tree, enduring freezing winds, rain and snow.
McCoy's absolutely right. Enough is enough. Does he need an overcoat?