Saturday, February 6, 2010

Due Day

This fall we all anticipated this big snow. The word on the train was that we were due for a big snow. Well today is “Due Day”.

Yesterday I stayed home because I knew I would be trapped in DC if I went to work. This gray squirrel was out eating as much as it could and gave me a look as to say, “you had better stock up”. I took its advice and brought in more wood just in case the power goes off. So far so good on that front.

Last night I took this photo and the snow was already up quite a bit.

This morning around eight this was the scene.

I cleared a path to the railing so I could put out some loose suet and the much loved meal worms.

You can see from my reflection how high the snow was then. 26 inches and more on the way. In fact now it looks like there are 2 more inches out there. On December 21 I had twenty three inches. We are getting about an inch an hour and I think it is supposed to continue the rest of the day. So I will probably get the 30 inches they predicted for the Blue Ridge Mountains.

These are the stairs leading up to my deck.

I have the dilemma of should I go out and clear off more space for more food and scare the birds away or let it alone for a while. A white crown sparrow was just here but I didn’t get a good photo. This Starling just showed up

along with these finches. I think the word is out, “Squirrel Café is open”.

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eileeninmd said...

Your deck and yard looks a lot like mine right now. Your path looks so neat. The poor birds need their food during these snowstorms.

Lavender Cottage said...

So happy to see a fellow bird lover feeding the birds. We usually have the amount of snow you do, but we got off easy this year with the ground barely covered.
Keep warm!

Ellen Rathbone said...

Wow! Look at all that snow! I love the shot of the stairs, and the squirrel's expression is pretty good.

You've definitely had more snow this winter than we have had up here in the mountains near Canada. Climate changes - it's real.

Not So Average Mama said...

That squirrel looks like he was caught doing something!

Carletta's Captures said...

My son is in DC. I know the last storm wrecked havoc there and this one seems to be worse.
Looking at your shots my two inches or so are nothing but heavy and wet enough that the power has surged on and off three times in the last couple hours.
Great shot of the squirrel and birds.
Stay warm.

LeAnn * ~ See Great Things said...

I've been hearing the snow updates on the news. How wonderful to catch theses lovely shots during such a eventful time. Lovely. I especially loved the little birdie. ~hyroph

Gaelyn said...

Wow, that is a Lot of snow. I remember those days without fond memories. Bless you for getting the critters something to eat. Love the squirrel straddling the snowed rail.
Stay warm. Sounds like a good weekend to hunker in.

squirrel said...

Thank you all for your kind words. I am up to 30-31 inches now at two o'clock and it is still snowing. These birds have kept me entertained all day.

rinzo said...

Great Entry! God Bless!

Lisa said...

You are so kind to make sure the sweet animals have plenty of food. God bless you for that!

Your photos are wonderful, by the way. Sorry for all the snow, though. :O)

Carolyn H said...

Squirrel, I had to look twice at your back deck photos. I thought it was mine! I think we even have the same patio door.

Carolyn H.