Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Laying Low

What a raucous the birds were making. The Blue Jays and Cardinals seemed to be having a shouting match. I had just chased a squirrel out of my flower pot on the deck when they started up. The Blue Jays sounded like a Hawk and as I looked for it I noticed the squirrel hunkered down and not taking any chances. I had never seen a squirrel be so still for such a long time.

Sometimes when there is a lot of commotion and others are fussing I suspect it is a good time to just sit quietly with your tail down and stay out of the fray like this little squirrel.

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Gaelyn said...

Smart squirrel and Jay for imitating a hawk. Those corvids are amazing.

Woodswalker said...

I have seen squirrels freeze to the trees when a hawk flies by. It's so remarkable to see them so motionless, since usually they are in constant motion.

Potomac Valley Nature Writing Group Reading List said...

I know just how that squirrel feels. Great nature photography!
Next time get a video clip! :-)