Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Valley Falls State Park, West Virginia

Valley Falls was once the site of one of the largest Cherokee village in the area. They called the falls “The Evil Spirit Falls” and then later when explores came they called it “Hard Around Falls”. Then it became “Falls of the Big Muddy” and “Great Falls of the Tygart Valley River”. Now it has been shortened to just “Valley Falls”. It used to also be a saw and later a grist mill but now it is a popular visitor attraction and I must say one of the more beautiful ones in WV. I was staying at Tygart Lake and was a little disappointed because the water at the lake was so low and it just looked so barren. This river by contrast was soothing to the soul and music to my ears. I don’t know what it is about water rushing down a stream that is so mesmerizing and calming at the same time but that is how it is for me.

Around the time of the civil war this place was booming with all sorts of business and a railroad. But alas the river was to take it all back. In 1886 a fire hit the area and the town was only partially rebuild.

Two years later a flood swept away the bridges, many homes and the grist mills. Three million saw logs, thirty feet high, swept away most of the town. They say it sounded life 4-5 freight trains at the same time.

In 1964 Valley Falls became a state park and a beautiful place to visit. I only spent a short afternoon there but everywhere I looked there was another postcard view.

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Nature ID (Katie) said...

These photos are wonderful! Reminds me of "Early Intake," my own moniker for a former river valley near Yosemite, CA, before they flooded it with a dam. Thanks for sharing.

Woodswalker said...

Postcard views, indeed! Thanks for posting these beautiful scenes.

beetlesinthebush said...

Incredible scenery to be sure!

Ann said...

Great History, one can never predict a river.

JR said...

beautiful pictures the water flow is mesmerizing indeed. I'll have to check this place out this winter...see you Squirrel!