Monday, January 14, 2013

Grey Whale watching

I have seen whales from the California shore but I had never actually been on a boat out to sea to look for them, so when my friend said they were going I jumped at the chance.  The next day after the big three, sea otters, elephant seals and tide pools, they weather didn't cooperated and our trip was canceled until the following day.  Everything was perfect.  I had a nice breakfast and off we went down to Morro bay to catch our sea going vessel.

 While waiting for everyone to come aboard the guide gave a demonstration of how the blubber works.  He had a plastic bag filled with Crisco and another bag inside of that for our hands.  Was I dipped my hand in the water I could barely feel the cold, like I felt with my bare fingers.

The guide also had a scull of a harbor seal and one of a sea otter for us to compare.  Being naturalists we took great interest in them both.

As we pulled out of the harbor we passed a group of Harbor Seals hanging out.

We also passed more sea otters but this time it looked like a couple of them had babies.

Pass Morro Rock and the jetty and then 5 rolling miles out into the ocean. 

Breakfast proved to be a bad idea as I anointed the side of the boat with the mornings fare.  Then my stomach settled down and I was able to look for the whales.  One of my friends was the first to holler, "Thar she blows!"  Below is the only sort of decent photo I took.

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