Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wind and more wind

My drive into New Mexico was so windy that from now on all other windy days will be compared to this one. I can hear myself saying, "That's nothing, I once drove from Monanhas, Texas to Deming, New Mexico in 40 mph crosswinds with gusts up to 60mph and believe me there were lots of gusts." The outside temperature was 35 drgrees and dropping. Needless to say my gas milage was pretty low that day as I drove into the wind. My stepfather later commented that I would probably get really good milage on the return trip. For the most part the wind was hard to see because it just easily blew thruogh the few trees with sparse vegetation but I could see the sand blowing in the desert along the road.

And up ahead the visibility became dense with those fine sand particles. I took this photo from a rest stop along I-10. Once I regained my courage to get back on the road two tumbleweeds were crossing the highway and I hit the larger one. It just crushed like it was made of toothpicks.

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Imagine this leg of your journey on horseback or covered wagon!