Friday, December 6, 2013

Horseshoe Bend, Page, Arizona

Horseshoe Bend overlook is a short hike from U.S. 89 south of Page, Arizona.  I saw this on Susan Taylor’s web page and decided to go.  The hike was mostly up hill in the sand and a bit of a struggle.  It reminded me of the first time I saw the Grand Canyon because I didn't see it coming.  When I was on the edge looking down 1,000 feet, I was totally awe struck.  Walking up to the edge is not for the faint of heart but well worth the view. If you look closely you can see a couple of speed boats in the water. One on the top left side and on in the middle toward the bottom.

Here the Colorado River in Glen Canyon makes a 270 degree curve in an entrenched meander. The river flows from the right side of this view, around the bend, and exits to the left.

The orange rock all around is the Navajo Sandstone, the largest sandstone layer in the United States. Composed of sand dunes from the Jurassic are, it stretches from Northern Arizona to Wyoming.

It only took a few minutes to take photos but I had to tear myself away, it was so amazing. Even now I keep staring at this photo.


The Furry Gnome said...

Really enjoying your pix of the west. This one is spectacular!

squirrel said...

Thank you Furry Gnome