Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pipe Spring National Monument

Pipe Spring National Monument is not a place I had planned to visit but I am glad I stopped.  The movie explaining the relationship between the Mormons and the Kaibab Paiutes was very informative. When the Mormon ranchers settled in this area in the 1860s they took all the water and let their cattle destroy the wild native plants thus destroying the Kaibab Paiutes way of life. It almost wiped them out. Today it is a monument to both cultures.

Below is a Western Fence Lizard, the most common species I saw during my travels.

I think this one found nearby is a Plateau Striped Lizard.

From one of the brochures I copied this quote.

"Within the lives of Southern Paiutes, there is an inherent understanding that all things are placed on this land with the breath of life, just as humans. This land is considered to be their home, just as it is for man, and it is taught that one must consider that rocks, trees, animals, mountain and all other things are on the same level as man. Each has a purpose in life, and the one who created every living thing on this earth placed all living things here to interact with one another...It is said that the plants, animals, and in fact, everything on this land, understands the Paiute language, and when one listens closely and intently enough, there is affirmation and a sense of understanding." - Kaibab Paiute tribal member

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