Sunday, March 23, 2014

Yellowstone National Park - Mammoth Hot Springs

21 June 2013

Eventually my camper was repaired and it was dime to depart Yellowstone. I could have stayed another week and still not see anything twice. I would love to return someday but alas my funds wouldn't support a longer stay. On my way out I stopped at Mammoth Hot Springs for a quick look.

I believe these are the most beautiful in the park.

Just down the road I came to the Devil's Slide on Cinnabar Mountain. Early prospectors thought the red color was from cinnabar, or mercuric sulfide, but it actually sandstone and shale stained with iron oxide. The wall of the slide are made of quartz sandstone. The layers were created horizontally but were turned up to their present position by the uplift that created the range to the east.

Since I had just spent a great deal of time in the lodge lounge waiting for my camper I had a chance to write down my Camping and Traveling Rules.
1. Ever thing takes longer than you think it should or planned for.
2. Expect nothing except to have fun and see new things.
3. Go slow and look carefully, you may find a snake or mating lizards.
4. Pay it forward and leave books, CDs and DVDs you have finished in the restrooms and laundry rooms for others to enjoy as you did. Be sure to put a note saying "Please take, enjoy and share with others" you don't want people to think they are stealing.
5.You need less things than you thought but it is good to have them anyway.
6. Keep in contact with family and friends.
7. Photos become less and less important.
8. Check the weather and lay low when necessary.
9. Take vitamins, eat right and stay healthy.
10. Be friendly.


The Furry Gnome said...

Spectacular place that hot spring! And good rules too.

AndyG said...

What a great place to spend 10 days - so many beautiful sights... Definitely on our hit list :-)