Monday, December 31, 2012

Corssing Texas

When I arrived at the border of Texas I was just too tired to go on and decided to call it a day and stay the night at the Visitor Center. It had good security and I felt very safe parked there. It was the first time I boondocked in my camper. I had no water or electricity except what was provided my the camper bateries.

Driving across Texas was pretty boring even as I listened to Bob Wills and then Randy Travis read a Louis La'Amor cowboy story.

I needed to stop at rest stops along the way to stretch my legs and at one of them I found this critter sitting and staring at the field behind the stop.  I have no idea what it was but he was very old and clearly on his own.

I think he had his eye on the donkey and baby in with the field behind the rest stop. He was probably thinking that in his day he could catch that baby and have a fine meal.

As I walked back to the camper these butterflies caught my eye. The first one is a Painted Lady.  We have Painted Ladies in West Virginia but not as many as the American Ladies.

This one I believe is the winter form of a Sleepy Orange. 
What started out as cotton and modern wind mills soon turned into gas. I could smell it every where and at first I thought the gas in my camper was leaking. When I finally arrived at Monahanas Sandhills State Park near Odessa, Texas I could still smell it.

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Potomac Valley Nature Writing Group Reading List said...

Haha, some days I feel just like that "critter" looks!