Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Zion National Park part 2

The next day we went on a geology tour and stopped to marvel at even more spectacular views.
Only two miles from the back of the Human History Museum where I took this photo, the West Temple rises 3,800 feet from the canyon floor. Zion’s huge scale is immediate with the geology close at hand. From left to right you can see the West Temple with a necklace of evergreen. The white peaks of the Sundial in the middle and the Alter of Sacrifice to the right with what appears to be a stain of blood flowing from the flat top.

Paiutes, pioneers, and early visitors applied religious names to many of the features in this area. Below you can see The Organ on the left and The Great White Throne in the middle.

Above is The Great Arch.

Later we hiked down to the Virgin River and walked along a little used path and our own discoveries.

This Navajo Blessing reflects how it felt to be among those giant towers of beauty.
“We walk in our moccasins upon the Earth and beneath the sky as we travel on life’s path of beauty we will live a good life and reach old age.”

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